About us


Furalike Textile Company limited is located in east China of Yancheng city,home town of fake fur fabic. Since its inception, the company has been one of the highest quality fake fur fabric supplier in China.

Supported by the specialized knowledge and wide experience of its staff,  we strives to achieve greater satisfaction for all our clients. In addition, we have top level research and product development team constantly putting their passion into creating innovative designs and enhancing concept in order to fulfill clients' varied requirements.



Originality and Design
Our great line of products has maintained an outstanding reputation since we give priority both to unique design development and customer-oriented philosophy by providing solid technical support.

We produce approximately 80,000 yards plush per month by using circular Knitting facilities and attain the finest quality output.

Sales & Marketing
Our sales and marketing team seek to understand customers' questions and provide accurate information about our products that meet their satisfaction.